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Search all titles and text within the operating budget in the appropriations bill format. Enter a word or phrase and the search jumps to the first location in the appropriations bill where the word or phrase is found. Use the navigation buttons to browse to the next location where the word or phrase is found.
Budget issues are the building blocks of the appropriations bill to identify and describe increases and/or decreases to the budget. Entering a word or phrase displays a list of budget issues with the text anywhere in the title. The results will also include the amount of each budget issue.
Summary and detail objects describe items or services purchased by the State of Florida. Searching returns a list of summary or detail objects with the word or phrase in the title as well as the year-to-date amount spent. Note: If the search criteria are found in the summary title, all detail objects will be displayed.
Florida makes payments to businesses throughout the state, country and internationally as well as local governments, state agencies and employees. To see payments to a particular vendor, enter at least the first character of the vendor name. The resulting list will show all vendors that match the criteria as well as the amount paid. Also included in the results is the vendor ID which allows the users to see all payments made to a vendor regardless of how the name is spelled.
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