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2022-23 General Revenue Cash Balance
Beginning General Revenue Cash Balance as of 7/1/2022$ 26,913,639,347.12
Add: Cash Receipts and Transfers  21,127,027,171.03
Less: Cash Disbursements and Transfers*  19,892,902,334.25
Ending General Revenue Cash Balance as of 11/25/2022$ 28,147,764,183.90
*Disbursements are accounted for in the fiscal year in which they are spent regardless of the fiscal year the expenditure was appropriated.
2022-23 Monthly Activity Detail
Cash ForwardAdd: Cash
Less: Cash
Cash BalanceIncrease In
Increase In
Net Change
July 26,913,639,3474,416,069,2323,856,334,38027,473,374,2004,416,069,2323,856,334,380559,734,853
August 27,473,374,2004,123,392,7124,428,861,30327,167,905,609-292,676,520572,526,923-305,468,591
October 27,581,681,4933,786,770,1164,578,043,22926,790,408,379-663,621,583541,427,414-791,273,114
November 26,790,408,3794,350,403,4112,993,047,60728,147,764,184563,633,295-1,584,995,6221,357,355,805
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