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Operating Budget

A view of the State budget designed for users with little or limited knowledge of State budgeting and accounting practices. The view begins with a summarized list of the State agencies and associated budget and spending. Users can then drill down to more detail within each agency.
A detailed view of the State budget for the more experienced budget analyst. Users will see detailed descriptions of agency operating budgets including original appropriations, vetoes, budget amendments and other transactions that impact agency budgets. The view also shows disbursements made by the agency and allows the user to view the purpose of the spending as well as vendor payments.
A view of the appropriations bill passed by the Florida Legislature. However, this view reflects amounts for each line item which may include vetoes, budget amendments and other appropriations not included in the original printed version of the bill. Users can select any amount and display a detailed view of the appropriation and spending.
A view of all the State positions by agency, including those not specified in the General Appropriations Act. The view begins with a listing of the total, filled and vacant positions approved by the Florida Legislature. By selecting an agency, the user can view additional information for each position, such as salaries and benefits.
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