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Site Information
The Training Overview provides users with information on the basic features of the website. It provides an overview of navigation, menu options, and the various reports. A Table of Contents is included to quickly focus on a specific area of interest.
Training provides users with a list of instructional videos walking the users through the Transparency Florida Website. The videos are organized by subject area of the website and demonstrate how to navigate the site. Elements of the page are also explained in the presentation.
The Agency Contact List contains contact information from each state agency to be used when inquiring about information displayed on this website. This list includes a contact name, address, phone number, and email address for each state agency.
The Glossary contains an alphabetical listing of budget, personnel, and accounting terms and definitions used throughout the website.
The Frequently Asked Questions provides a list of the most often asked questions and their answers. This list will periodically be updated as the website continues to be enhanced and utilized.
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