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Quick Facts
Quick Facts is designed to organize information on specific items related to the General Appropriations Act. Information is divided into five categories and viewable by Fiscal Year. Each category will provide a description of the item, dollar amount (if applicable), and other details related to the item. Hyperlinks are also provided for additional details.
Approved amendments made to the original operating budget are listed by budget amendment number. Details about each amendment can be displayed by selecting the Budget Amendment hyperlink.
Appropriations made starting with Section 8 in the back of the General Appropriations Act are listed in this option. Section number, description and the amount of the appropriation are included in the report. A link to the Laws of Florida is provided for additional information.
Budget Issues are individual items used as building blocks to explain the need for an appropriation within the General Appropriations Act. Filters are provided to narrow the result set.
Appropriations made outside of the General Appropriations Act are listed along with the bill number, description and the amount of the appropriation. A hyperlink to the specific chapter in the Laws of Florida is provided for a complete description.
Items in the General Appropriations Act or in substantive bills vetoed by the Governor. A Line Item or Section number is provided along with a description and amount for each item vetoed.
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