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2022-23 Vetoes
Fund Type: ALL FUNDS
Laws of FloridaBill NumberLine Item/SectionTitleFTEAppropriation Amount
2022-156HB 500117Lake-Sumter State College - Emerging Media and Fine Arts Center Implementation and Renovation (Senate Form 1861)-8,037,266.00
2022-156HB 500117North Florida College - Controls for Lighting and HVAC Systems Campus-wide (HB 9409) (Senate Form 1800)-1,400,000.00
2022-156HB 500117Pasco-Hernando State College - Remodel Buildings A through E and Chiller Plant - West-22,448,203.00
2022-156HB 500117 A University of South Florida - Environmental & Oceanographic Sciences Research & Teaching Facility-75,000,000.00
2022-156HB 500122Fixed Capital Outlay - Public Broadcasting Projects-5,020,408.00
2022-156HB 500126Culinary Institute Empowerment Cafe and !nklusion Coffee Shops (HB 9063) (Senate Form 2221)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 500156Florida Memorial University Cyber Innovation Hub (HB 4533) (Senate Form 1902)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 500156Florida Memorial University Legal Scholars Pipeline Project at Florida Memorial University (HB 4531) (Senate Form 1766)-57,000.00
2022-156HB 500157Barry University Nursing and Health Professional simulation program (HB 3013) (Senate Form 2167)-276,483.00
2022-156HB 500157Beacon College Tuition Scholarships for Students with Learning and Attention Issues (HB 2797) (Senate Form 1710)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 500157Herzing University Nursing - Simulation Centers (HB 9189) (Senate Form 1877)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 500157Keiser University - Nursing Shortage: Increasing the Talent Workforce Supply Through Simulation, Faculty, and Technology (HB 3837) (Senate Form 2531)-1,200,000.00
2022-156HB 500157Nova Southeastern University - Enhanced Funding to Support Individuals with Autism/DD (HB 3089) (Senate Form 1646)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 500157Saint Leo University Organic Farm (The Farm) Initiative (HB 3005) (Senate Form 2185)-311,700.00
2022-156HB 500157Saint Leo University Robotics Engineering Degree and Microcredentials Program (HB 3007) (Senate Form 1828)-247,500.00
2022-156HB 500158 A Bethune Cookman University Mary McLeod Bethune Center (HB 4239) (Senate Form 2082)-80,000.00
2022-156HB 500158 A Palm Beach Atlantic University Business School Building (Senate Form 2514)-5,000,000.00
2022-156HB 500158 A Saint Leo University Robotics Engineering Degree and Microcredentials Program (HB 3007) (Senate Form 1828)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 500166Florida College to Congress Opportunity Scholarship (HB 2953) (Senate Form 1981)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 500166Miami Gardens Higher Education Initiative Scholarship Program (Senate Form 1901)-75,000.00
2022-156HB 500178Family Program Support Network (HB 4019) (Senate Form 2255)-450,000.00
2022-156HB 500178LHANC - Rainbow Intergenerational Child Learning Center (HB 2689) (Senate Form 1122)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 500191Mentoring Tomorrow's Leaders - Broward County Public Schools (HB 3713) (Senate Form 1976)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 500191Youth of Valor Empowerment (Y.O.V.E.) Program (HB 2765) (Senate Form 2690)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 5001100Florida Association of District School Superintendents Training as provided in section 1001.47, Florida Statutes-750,000.00
2022-156HB 5001101AMIkids Recovery of Education Disparities (HB 3569) (Senate Form 1524)-1,200,000.00
2022-156HB 5001101Code/Art Computer Coding Program (HB 3859) (Senate Form 1997)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001101General Operating Support for Educational Programming (HB 3779) (Senate Form 2703)-350,000.00
2022-156HB 5001102 BSpecial Categories - Grants And Aids - Schools Of Hope-40,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001103Community Partnership Schools Program in Jefferson County School District-393,837.00
2022-156HB 5001104Academy at the Farm, Pasco (HB 3009) (Senate Form 2174)-160,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104AmSkills Youth Career Discovery Camps (HB 3839) (Senate Form 1300)-650,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Canes Construction Academy, Citrus High School (HB 4965) (Senate Form 1705)-162,200.00
2022-156HB 5001104Crockett Explorers (HB 2971) (Senate Form 1936)-350,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104D.U.S.T. (Developing Urban Sophisticated Technocrats) (HB 2049) (Senate Form 1232)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104East Mims Innovation Lab (HB 4163) (Senate Form 2653)-185,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Florida Teacher Recruitment (HB 3409)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Future Career Academy (FCA) (HB 4923) (Senate Form 1957)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104In School Music Program (HB 2179) (Senate Form 1647)-12,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Learning for Life (HB 4059) (Senate Form 2158)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Lil Abner Foundation #1 & Expansion into a second location (HB 2809) (Senate Form 1009)-447,090.00
2022-156HB 5001104Magic of Orange County Conservation and STEM Environmental Outdoor Learning for K-12 and Beyond (HB 2063) (Senate Form 1345)-162,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Moffitt Cancer Center Partnership School (Senate Form 1185)-115,181.00
2022-156HB 5001104Muzology (HB 2715) (Senate Form 1441)-960,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Near Peer Coaching for Postsecondary Success (HB 2691) (Senate Form 1310)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Nutrition Education for School Health and Wellness (Senate Form 1006)-333,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Pinellas County Schools - Summer Career Acceleration Internship Program (HB 4509) (Senate Form 1100)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104READ USA Book Choice and Ownership Program (HB 4479) (Senate Form 2484)-255,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104SLPS: Growing Teachers From Within (HB 2323) (Senate Form 1102)-984,900.00
2022-156HB 5001104STEM Education Program at the Grand Avenue Center (HB 4233) (Senate Form 2677)-417,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104STEM Teacher Pilot Program (HB 2635) (Senate Form 1558)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Stop the Violence & Embrace Afterschool Program (Senate Form 1494)-103,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Summer Enrichment Program (HB 4327) (Senate Form 2008)-315,740.00
2022-156HB 5001104The Ben Franklin Project (Senate Form 2656)-3,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104The Florida Orchestra: Music Education for All (HB 2961) (Senate Form 1842)-600,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Vets in Class - Guest Lecturer to Substitute Teacher Pilot Program (HB 4627) (Senate Form 2506)-245,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Walkabouts Kinesthetic Learning Program Pilot (HB 4009) (Senate Form 1730)-700,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104YMCA Youth in Government (HB 2075) (Senate Form 1130)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104YMCA Youth in Government (Recurring Base Appropriations Project)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 5001104Youth At Risk Program (HB 2705) (Senate Form 1171)-275,000.00
2022-156HB 5001105Spell 2 Communicate Pilot Program at Ave Maria Preparatory School (HB 9301) (Senate Form 2055)-530,000.00
2022-156HB 5001108Academy at the Farm, Pasco (HB 3009) (Senate Form 2174)-11,695,000.00
2022-156HB 5001108Canes Construction Academy, Citrus High School (HB 4965) (Senate Form 1705)-91,300.00
2022-156HB 5001108Moffitt Cancer Center Partnership School (Senate Form 1185)-7,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001109East Mims Innovation Lab (HB 4163) (Senate Form 2653)-325,000.00
2022-156HB 5001109Pinellas County - Pinellas County Schools Joint Use Recreation Facility (HB 4503)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 5001122CKNTech Boot Camp (Senate Form 2300)-889,600.00
2022-156HB 5001122Career Online Adult High School Program for State of Florida Library System (HB 2729) (Senate Form 2502)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001122Covenant House Workforce Readiness Program (HB 3857) (Senate Form 1649)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001122Dade Institute Coding Certification Program (HB 4521) (Senate Form 2567)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001125College of Central Florida - Agribusiness Technology (HB 3015) (Senate Form 1727)-375,000.00
2022-156HB 5001125Daytona State College - Pharmacy Technician Vocational Program (HB 4217) (Senate Form 1822)-447,123.00
2022-156HB 5001125Tallahassee Community College - Leon Works Expo and Junior Apprenticeship Program (HB 4423) (Senate 1965)-50,000.00
2022-156HB 5001125Valencia College - July in November: The Story of the 1920 Election Day Riots (Senate Form 2686)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001127Student Open Access Resource (SOAR) Initiative-5,400,000.00
2022-156HB 5001135Student Information System-200,000.00
2022-156HB 5001145Florida International University - Washington Center Scholarships (HB 4021) (Senate Form 1004)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001145University of South Florida St. Petersburg - Citizen Scholar Partnership (HB 2973) (Senate Form 2532)-306,176.00
2022-156HB 5001146Student Open Access Resource (SOAR) Initiative-5,400,000.00
2022-156HB 5001189Encore Healthcare Medicaid Respiratory Disease Management Pilot Program (HB 4329) (Senate Form 2258)-2,518,892.00
2022-156HB 5001189Medicaid Provider Health Information Exchange Security Investment (Senate Form 1149)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001203Leesburg Hospital Indigent Care (HB 4183) (Senate Form 1860)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 5001243Area Stage Company's Inclusion Theater Project (HB 2377) (Senate Form 1987)-350,000.00
2022-156HB 5001243Latino Leadership Inc., Santiago and Friends North Brevard (HB 3553) (Senate Form 2620)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 5001243Love Serving Austism INTERACT (HB 3783) (Senate Form 1204)-299,519.00
2022-156HB 5001247 AAscension Sacred Heart - Autism Playground (HB 4307) (Senate Form 2137)-150,000.00
2022-156HB 5001247 AChristmas Civic Association - Falcon Friends Farm (HB 4155) (Senate Form 2304)-75,000.00
2022-156HB 5001247 APEAR Project - Habilitation Center for the Handicapped (HB 3323) (Senate Form 1112)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001247 APromise Inc., Treasures Thrift Shoppe to Employ Special Needs Community (HB 3659) (Senate Form 1426)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 5001247 ASenator Howard C. Forman Human Services Campus - Compass Place Independent Living Expansion (HB 2611) (Senate Form 2688)-294,145.00
2022-156HB 5001247 AThe ARC Broward - Culinary Emergency Food Safety and Security (HB 2895) (Senate Form 1995)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 AAmigos Together for Kids (HB 4947) (Senate Form 2411)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 AChildnet - Preventing Opioid and Substance Abuse Based Removals (HB 3521) (Senate Form 1411)-360,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 AFamily Support Services of North Florida - Services to At-Risk Youth (HB 3105) (Senate Form 1242)-650,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 AFamily Support Services of North Florida - Strengthen Community Engagement (HB 4979) (Senate Form 2591)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 AFlorida Coalition for Children Foundation - Florida Parent Leadership Council (HB 4637) (Senate Form 2380)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 AMolding Minds - Street Outreach Program (HB 3061) (Senate Form 2371)-150,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 ANorth American Family Institute - Functional Family Therapy (Senate Form 2422)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 ASafe Children Coalition - Foster Youth Shelter Services (HB 4463) (Senate Form 2054)-524,552.00
2022-156HB 5001315 ASelfless Love Foundation - One Voice IMPAACT (HB 2871) (Senate Form 1271)-435,050.00
2022-156HB 5001315 ASoccer for Peace Foundation - Project FCC USA (HB 4051) (Senate Form 1918)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 ATwin Oaks - Waypoint Career and Technical College (HB 4085) (Senate Form 2476)-1,200,000.00
2022-156HB 5001315 AVictory for Youth/Share Your Heart (HB 3109) (Senate Form 1194)-605,500.00
2022-156HB 5001315 AVoices for Children (HB 3527) (Senate Form 2423)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 5001328 FGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Waypoint Career And Technical College-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001328 AGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Property Aquisition For Restored To Dream-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001350HOPE Mission Center (Helping Our People Everyday) (HB 2883) (Senate Form 1145)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 5001361 BGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Grants And Aids - Zebra Coalition Youth Transitional Housing Project-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001361 DGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Palm Beach County Homeless Resource Center-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Academy at Glengary - Technology Enhancements for Adults with Severe & Persistent Mental Illness (HB 2295) (Senate Form 2116)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Circles of Care - Transportation Resources (HB 3657) (Senate Form 1652)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372City of Hallandale Beach - Mental Health Wrap Around Services (HB 4257)-469,024.00
2022-156HB 5001372Cove Behavioral Health - Mobile Health Services (HB 3817) (Senate Form 1385)-181,871.00
2022-156HB 5001372Florida Alliance for Healthy Communities - Opioid Addiction Training and Education Program (HB 4969) (Senate Form 1312)-975,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Florida Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs - Opioid Prevention Program (HB 2223) (Senate Form 1060)-2,500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Lady Storm Foundation - Mental Health Services (HB 2157) (Senate Form 2395)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Miami Beach Community Health Center - Reinforce Resilience Program (HB 4269) (Senate Form 2060)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Osceola Recovery Project (HB 3287) (Senate Form 1230)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Park Place Behavioral Healthcare - Transportation Services (HB 3463) (Senate Form 1518)-60,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Peer Respite Support Space (HB 3961) (Senate Form 1624)-110,300.00
2022-156HB 5001372Pinellas Community Foundation - Center for Trauma Recovery, Wellness and Healing Justice (HB 4331) (Senate Form 1620)-557,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Project Opioid Initiative - Extended Release Injectable Medication Program (HB 3529) (Senate Form 1370)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Public School Telehealth and Mental Health Services (Senate Form 1591)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Smiling at Life - Mental Health Services (HB 2159) (Senate Form 2446)-75,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Tampa Bay Thrives - Behavioral Health Navigation & Support Line (HB 2385) (Senate Form 2162)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 5001372Your Real Stories - Tampa Bay Life Unites Us (HB 4255) (Senate Form 1389)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001381 BGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Facility Improvements For Peer Support Space-15,000.00
2022-156HB 5001381 HGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Child Guidance Center Improvements-300,000.00
2022-156HB 50013982nd Mile Ministries - As We Gather (AWG) Program (HB 4693) (Senate Form 2312)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 5001398Little Havana Activities & Nutrition Centers - Homemaking and Companion Services for the Elderly (HB 2373) (Senate Form 1026)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001398Seniors are not Alone - Miami-Dade County (Senate Form 2699)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001451Agape Community Health Center - Community Paramedic Chronic Care Program (HB 3997) (Senate Form 1933)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001451BayCare Behavioral Health Remote Patient Monitoring Program (HB 2791) (Senate Form 1170)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 5001451Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Readmissions Pulmonary Center of Excellence, Holy Cross Health (HB 9253) (Senate Form 1382)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001451City of Gainesville Community Resource Paramedic Program Funding (HB 2577) (Senate Form 2171)-260,000.00
2022-156HB 5001451Common Threads - Nutrition Education for Health and Wellness (HB 4017)-533,000.00
2022-156HB 5001451Memorial Healthcare System - Adult Mobile Health Center (HB 4189) (Senate Form 1374)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001451NCH Healthcare System - Simulation Center (HB 2199) (Senate Form 1139)-1,999,998.00
2022-156HB 5001451Polk County - Community Paramedicine Program Expansion (HB 2501) (Senate Form 2500)-450,000.00
2022-156HB 5001451Professional Resource Network (HB 3141) (Senate Form 1291)-75,000.00
2022-156HB 5001451Thelma Gibson Health Initiative (TGHI) - Community ''Passport'' to Improved Medical, Physical and Behavioral Health (HB 3873) (Senate Form 2194)-905,246.00
2022-156HB 5001453 ASpecial Categories - Transfer To The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute-20,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001464 ASpecial Categories - Dental Student Loan Repayment Program-1,773,000.00
2022-156HB 5001466 ACommunity Health Centers of Pinellas - Milton Park Health Center Building Renovation (HB 4169) (Senate Form 2323)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 5001466 AGulf Breeze Hospital - Storm Hardening Project (HB 4617) (Senate Form 2045)-4,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001466 AHernando County - Access to Integrated Care (Senate Form 2163)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001466 APolk County - Frank B. Smith Emergency Generator Replacement (HB 2511) (Senate Form 2376)-140,000.00
2022-156HB 5001466 ATown of Golden Beach Wellness Center (HB 2027) (Senate Form 1610)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 5001466 ATreasure Coast Hospice Negative Pressure Rooms (HB 2181) (Senate Form 2144)-290,000.00
2022-156HB 5001508Broward Health - Healthcare Associated Infections Reduction Pilot Program (HB 9217) (Senate Form 2368)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001508Combatting Stress among Firefighters (Senate Form 2298)-315,000.00
2022-156HB 5001509Hormonal Long-acting Reversible Contraception (HLARC) Program-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001525University of Florida Forensic Interview Center (HB 3983) (Senate Form 1474)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 5001578 ASunrise Senior, Veteran and Children's Educational and Wellness Center (HB 2891) (Senate Form 1644)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 5001578 AVictory Village Senior Living Community (Senate Form 2637)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001679 AFixed Capital Outlay - Planning And Design - Correctional Facilities-10,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001684 ACorrectional Facility Construction - New Hospital Construction-195,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001684 ACorrectional Facility Construction - New Prison Construction-645,000,000.00
2022-156HB 5001726Operation New Life (HB 4337) (Senate Form 1489)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 5001726The Red Tent Women's Initiative, Inc. (HB 9439) (Senate Form 1161)-80,000.00
2022-156HB 5001741Child Representation Pilot Program-1.00-64,725.00
2022-156HB 5001751Child Representation Pilot Program-8,648.00
2022-156HB 5001752Child Representation Pilot Program-240.00
2022-156HB 5001761Child Representation Pilot Program-235.00
2022-156HB 5001834State Sponsored Day Care Center (Senate Form 2543)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 5001848Smart Justice Data Transparency and Crime Strategies Unit (Senate Form 2796)-425,000.00
2022-156HB 50011077Child Representation Pilot Program-2.00-253,047.00
2022-156HB 50011079Child Representation Pilot Program-19,248.00
2022-156HB 50011080Child Representation Pilot Program-480.00
2022-156HB 50011081Child Representation Pilot Program-2,056,000.00
2022-156HB 50011083Child Representation Pilot Program-470.00
2022-156HB 50011185THE LAB YMCA Leadership Academy (HB 3361) (Senate Form 1120)-170,000.00
2022-156HB 50011185Wayman Community Development At-Risk Youth Program (HB 3067) (Senate Form 1240)-150,000.00
2022-156HB 50011185Youth and Police Initiative (YPI) - Train-the-Trainer Project (HB 3087) (Senate Form 2579)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011244Escambia County Sheriff's Officer Training Simulator (HB 2019) (Senate Form 2801)-62,500.00
2022-156HB 50011248Broward County Sheriff's Office Digital Forensic Unit Expansion (HB 3419)(Senate Form 2133)-505,481.00
2022-156HB 50011248Cape Coral Tactical Intelligence and Analytics Center (HB 4579)-375,000.00
2022-156HB 50011248First Responder Behavioral Intervention Telehealth Pilot Project (HB 3725) (Senate Form 2520)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50011248Homestead Law Enforcement Technology Upgrades: Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Account (HB 3603)(Senate Form 1443)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011248K9s United (HB 3049)(Senate Form 1011)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 50011248Pasco County Sheriff's Office Community Outreach and Engagement Initiative (HB 2009) (Senate Form 1003)-150,000.00
2022-156HB 50011248Rapid DNA Local Government Grant (Senate Form 2293)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011248Regional Crime Prevention Strategy (HB 3315) (Senate Form 1414)-525,000.00
2022-156HB 50011248Riviera Beach Mobile Command Center (HB 9037) (Senate Form 2251)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011248Sunrise Community Regional Policing - Crime Prevention Program (HB 2581) (Senate Form 1645)-375,000.00
2022-156HB 50011248Tampa Police Department Bomb Squad Response Vehicle (HB 4353) (Senate Form 1431)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 50011253 ACity of Belle Isle Emergency Operations Center (HB 4659) (Senate Form 1344)-1,750,000.00
2022-156HB 50011253 ACity of South Miami New Police Station (HB 4609)(Senate Form 1254)-3,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011253 AEscambia County Old Jail Building Repairs Study (HB 4567) (Senate Form 2545)-80,000.00
2022-156HB 50011253 AMartin County Police Athletic League (HB 2105)(Senate Form 1679)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011253 APinellas County Sheriff Pursuit Driver Training Facility (HB 2991) (Senate Form 2511)-4,885,000.00
2022-156HB 50011410Executive Direction - Additional Administrative Staff-7.00-757,039.00
2022-156HB 50011420Additional Positions to Process Concealed Weapon Licenses-83.00-4,751,884.00
2022-156HB 50011422Additional Positions to Process Concealed Weapon Licenses-900,085.00
2022-156HB 50011423Additional Positions to Process Concealed Weapon Licenses-25,320.00
2022-156HB 50011436Increased Workload - Land Planning and Administration-10.00-856,120.00
2022-156HB 50011452 BSpecial Categories - Aerial Protection Program-15,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011476Town of Dundee Mosquito Control Program (HB 3851) (Senate Form 1520)-177,181.00
2022-156HB 500115062023 Miami International Agricultural, Horse and Cattle Show (HB 3397) (Senate Form 2205)-98,850.00
2022-156HB 50011512 AFlagler County Agricultural Museum - Pioneer Village-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011512 AFlagler County Agricultural Museum - Welcome Center & Greenspace (HB 3583) (Senate Form 2775)-4,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011512 AHamilton County Arena & Fairgrounds (HB 2121) (Senate Form 2149)-850,000.00
2022-156HB 50011512 AHolmes County Agricultural Center (Senate Form 2464)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011512 AHolmes County Extension Facility (Senate Form 2463)-325,000.00
2022-156HB 50011512 AJackson County Agriculture Center (HB 9273) (Senate Form 2457)-700,000.00
2022-156HB 50011512 ALake County Agricultural Education and Expo (HB 2679) (Senate Form 1715)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011512 AOkeechobee County Livestock and Expo Building (HB 4763) (Senate Form 2370)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011512 AWashington County Agricultural Center - Entrance and Parking Lot Improvements (HB 3923) (Senate Form 2448)-700,000.00
2022-156HB 50011552 AGrow It Forward Urban Farm Network Strategic Planning (HB 2029) (Senate Form 1493)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 50011552 AHelping Others And Giving Hope Mobile Food Pantry (HB 2055) (Senate Form 1080)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 50011552 AUnited Against Poverty Member Share Grocery Program (HB 2241) (Senate Form 1231)-464,034.00
2022-156HB 50011557 AAmerica's Second Harvest of the Big Bend (HB 3671) (Senate Form 2632)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011650Grants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Grants And Aids - Water Quality Improvements - Everglades Restoration-300,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011650Grants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Grants And Aids - Water Quality Improvements - Everglades Restoration-50,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011660Florida Friendly Landscaping Program-2,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011660Fort Lauderdale Tarpon River Environmental/Maintenance Dredging (HB 3755) (Senate Form 1745)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AAnna Maria Lake LaVista Channel Improvements Project (HB 9223) (Senate Form 1509)-207,450.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AAventura 213th Seawall Repair (HB 2445) (Senate Form 1615)-850,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ABaldwin's Stolen Saddle Ranch Water Storage Project (Senate Form 2771)-5,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ABay County Water Treatment Plant Improvements (HB 9095) (Senate Form 2227)-8,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ABradenton Beach Underground Power Infrastructure (HB 4483) (Senate Form 1378)-3,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ABrooksville Hernando Oaks Reclaimed Water (HB 9191) (Senate Form 1973)-272,500.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ABrooksville Stormwater Conveyance Improvements (HB 9003) (Senate Form 1807)-312,500.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ABrooksville Stormwater Critical Facility Power Backup Plan (HB 9005) (Senate Form 2237)-316,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ACape Coral Caloosahatchee River Crossing Project (HB 4623) (Senate Form 2588)-1,750,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ACape Coral North Wellfield Expansion (HB 4633) (Senate Form 2587)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ACharlotte County Utilities Communication/Cybersecurity (HB 9109) (Senate Form 2628)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AClay County Utility Authority Mid-Clay Potable Reclaimed Water Pilot Project (HB 9429) (Senate Form 2535)-600,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ACoconut Creek Wynmoor Potable Water Service Line Retrofit Project (HB 2141) (Senate Form 1383)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ADania Beach NW/SW 1 Avenue Water Infrastructure Revitalization (HB 2699) (Senate Form 2469)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ADaytona Beach Reuse Pump Station No. 90 (HB 4209) (Senate Form 1082)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ADestin Harbor Auxiliary Pump Project/Water Quality Benefit (HB 4553)-57,500.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AEl Maximo Dispersed Water Management Project (Senate Form 2770)-2,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AFernandina Beach Protecting the Resiliency of Florida's Northeastern-most Barrier Island Coastline (HB 3153) (Senate Form 1604)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AGreen Cove Springs Palmetto Avenue Drainage Project (HB 3979) (Senate Form 1563)-410,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AGrove Land Reservoir (HB 9181) (Senate Form 2240)-6,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AGulfport Potable Water Quality & Pressure Improvements (HB 4377) (Senate Form 1390)-1,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AHaines City Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion (HB 3793) (Senate Form 2348)-3,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AHilliard - Water Main Extension Project (HB 3479) (Senate Form 1601)-2,115,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AHolmes Beach Flood Mitigation Improvements (HB 2527) (Senate Form 1307)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AHomosassa River Restoration Project (HB 4955) (Senate Form 1992)-10,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AIndian River County Hobart Water Treatment Plant Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System Upgrade (HB 9175) (Senate Form 1402)-402,725.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AKings Bay Salt Marsh Restoration Project (Senate Form 1972)-535,887.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ALiberty County Estiffanulga Bank Stabilization (HB 9365) (Senate Form 2021)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AMarco Island South Water Treatment Plant West High Service Pump Station (HB 2775) (Senate Form 1226)-1,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AMartin County Cypress Creek Floodplain Restoration Project (HB 2079)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AMedley NW 78th St & NW 77th St Water Distribution System Upgrades (HB 3301) (Senate Form 1665)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AMiami Springs Erosion Control and Stabilization of Drainage (HB 2847) (Senate Form 1233)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ANassau County American Beach Well and Septic Phase Out (HB 3051) (Senate Form 1594)-1,850,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AOakland South Lake Apopka Initiative Alternative Water Project (HB 3655) (Senate Form 2762)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AOcala Lower Floridan Aquifer Conversion Phase IV (HB 2781) (Senate Form 2093)-1,992,800.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AOkaloosa County Water & Sewer - Florosa Potable Water Elevated Storage Tank (HB 4881) (Senate Form 2673)-1,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AOrmond Beach Reclaimed Water Storage Tank (HB 2273) (Senate Form 1533)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AOrmond Beach Reclaimed Water Transmission Line (HB 2271) (Senate Form 1534)-650,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AOsceola County North Lake Tohopekaliga Restoration and Water Quality Study (HB 2727) (Senate Form 1451)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AOviedo Percolation Pond Decommissioning Phase 1 Tank Demo/Construction (HB 2415) (Senate Form 1223)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 APanama City Stormwater Management Study - Southern Area (HB 9085) (Senate Form 2460)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 APeace River Reservoir No. 3 Wetland Mitigation (HB 9117) (Senate Form 1982)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 APinecrest Water Line Extension Project (HB 4639) (Senate Form 1560)-3,900,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 APort St. Lucie Southern Grove Jobs Corridor Water Main Project (HB 2391) (Senate Form 2264)-1,774,150.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ASanibel - Sanibel Slough Dredging and Muck Removal (HB 2723) (Senate Form 2584)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ASanta Rosa County Pine Blossom Road Drainage Study (HB 4875) (Senate Form 2527)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AScott Dispersed Water Project (HB 9185) (Senate Form 2239)-1,035,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ASeminole County Little Wekiva River Ongoing Maintenance (HB 4275) (Senate Form 2657)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ATampa - Purity Springs Restoration (HB 3833) (Senate Form 1764)-96,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ATampa Bay Watch Citizen Science Monitoring Project (Senate Form 2269)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ATampa Ditch Rehabilitation Projects (HB 3265) (Senate Form 1906)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 ATierra Verde Community Association Grand Canal Dredge (HB 3117)-585,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AVenice Water Treatment Plant 2nd Stage Membrane Phase I (HB 2605) (Senate Form 1917)-850,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AVolusia County Spruce Creek Dangerous Navigation Hazard Dredging Project (HB 4231) (Senate Form 2029)-545,000.00
2022-156HB 50011665 AWinter Park Nicolet Pond Stormwater Treatment Project (HB 2531) (Senate Form 1752)-150,000.00
2022-156HB 50011668 BGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Dade City Wastewater Treatment Plant Relocation/Upgrade And Transmission Forcemain-39,725,000.00
2022-156HB 50011736Fakahatchee Strand State Park-3,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011736Ichetucknee Springs State Park-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011736Paynes Prairie Bald Eagle Commemoration Statue-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011736 ALittle Talbot Island State Park-25,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 AAltha Park Perimeter Fencing (Senate Form 1768)-50,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 ABal Harbour Village ADA Compliant Park Enhancements (HB 2701) (Senate Form 1613)-425,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 ABonita Springs Community Park Baseball Complex Phase 2 (HB 2719) (Senate Form 1213)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 ACape Coral Ecological Preserve Boardwalk Replacement (HB 4629)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 ACitrus County Beverly Hills Community Parks Revitalization (HB 4985) (Senate Form 1706)-850,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 AFairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (HB 2633) (Senate Form 1873)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 AKissimmee Shingle Creek Regional Trail Security and Protection Project (HB 2449) (Senate Form 1425)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 ALakeland's Se7en Wetlands Educational Center Conservation (HB 2243) (Senate Form 2152)-5,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 AMarie Selby Botanical Gardens' Shoreline Restoration & Protection for Historic Spanish Point Campus (HB 2673) (Senate Form 2248)-1,400,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 AMuseum of Discovery and Science Pathways to Resilience (HB 3137) (Senate Form 2007)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 APalm Beach County Chain of Lakes Blueway Trail Access Project (HB 3819) (Senate Form 2626)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 APanama City Four Regional Parks Project (HB 9091) (Senate Form 2458)-5,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 APinellas County - Conservation of West Klosterman Preserve (HB 9231)-3,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 ASneads Health and Recreation Renewal Project (HB 4835) (Senate Form 2462)-825,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 ASt. Cloud Implementation of Chisholm Park Masterplan Phase I (HB 3669) (Senate Form 1092)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 ATamarac ADA Compatible and Smart Park Enhancements Caporella Park (HB 2625) (Senate Form 2256)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 AThe Bay Park - Sarasota (HB 3257) (Senate Form 2244)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 ATown of Jay Bray-Hendricks Park Master Plan (HB 4871) (Senate Form 2043)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 AWauchula Farr Field Park Improvements (Senate Form 2366)-1,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011755 AWest Inverness City Trail and Withlacoochee State Trail Connector (HB 4993) (Senate Form 1862)-2,250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011768Florida Ocean Alliance - Expanding Florida's Blue Economy Development of Blue Economy Strategy (HB 2819) (Senate Form 1868)-320,000.00
2022-156HB 50011775 BClearwater - Site Fill (HB 9169) (Senate Form 1783)-1,600,000.00
2022-156HB 50011775 BClearwater - Wave Attenuation Walls (HB 9171) (Senate Form 1785)-1,450,000.00
2022-156HB 50011775 BSt. Pete Beach Coastal Resiliency - Community Center Shoreline Rehabilitation (HB 4921) (Senate Form 1424)-1,650,000.00
2022-156HB 50011842 AGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Fishing Pier Replacement-900,000.00
2022-156HB 50011885 AGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Osceola County Lake Runnymede Boat Ramp And Vegetation Harvesting Project-350,000.00
2022-156HB 50011885 BGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Madison - Lake Francis Fishing Pier/Dock Replacement-125,000.00
2022-156HB 50011934 AGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Zoo Miami-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011934 DGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Manatee Hospital Overlook Bridge-1,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011934 FGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Volusia County Sea Turtle, Seabird, And Manatee Education Building Improvements/Marine Science Center-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011934 GGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed Capital Outlay - Pelican Harbor Seabird Station-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 A8th Street Roadway and Drainage Improvements - Laurel Hill (HB 3721) (Senate Form 1166)-350,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ABeulah Pedestrian Bridge (HB 4309) (Senate Form 2419)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ACR 232 Pavement Rehabilitation - Alachua (Senate Form 2797)-11,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AChickasaw Road Expansion Project (HB 2315) (Senate Form 1201)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ACooper City Comprehensive Traffic Calming Study and Implementation (HB 3091) (Senate Form 2160)-125,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ACoral Gables Mobility Hub (HB 2637)-975,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ACounty Line Road Widening - Hernando County (Senate Form 2765)-50,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ACounty Road 42 Flood Zone Crossing Improvements (HB 2541) (Senate Form 1714)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ACrandon Boulevard Intersection Improvements (HB 2477) (Senate Form 2281)-600,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ACrystal River Turkey Oak Bypass (HB 4991) (Senate Form 2475)-20,700,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ADowntown Flagler Street Lighting Project (HB 2395) (Senate Form 2396)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AFort Island Trail Multi-Use Path Phase 1 (HB 4983) (Senate Form 1702)-9,250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AFort Meade Road Repaving (HB 2517)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AFort Myers Beach Time Square Renovation (HB 3679) (Senate Form 2655)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AFort Walton Beach Hill Avenue and Anchors Street Complete Street Project Design (HB 3753) (Senate Form 2487)-187,500.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AGray Street Complete Street Improvement Project - Tampa (HB 2901) (Senate Form 1907)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AHarvest Hope Park Sidewalks (HB 4825) (Senate Form 1913)-1,170,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AHighland Beach Crosswalks Phase 2 (HB 3355) (Senate Form 2204)-60,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ALauderdale Lakes Greenway Trail (HB 4325) (Senate Form 1854)-402,995.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ALegacy Trail Extension and Improvements (HB 2587) (Senate Form 2247)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ALoxahatchee Groves North Road Equestrian/Multi-Use Trail (HB 3421) (Senate Form 2112)-45,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ALudlam Trail Corridor (HB 2839) (Senate Form 1422)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AMain Street Streetscape Improvements - City of Sarasota (HB 2585) (Senate Form 2246)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AManatee County - Pedestrian Overpass Across US 41 (HB 9247) (Senate Form 2306)-2,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AMiramar Parkway LED Streetlight Improvements (HB 2351) (Senate Form 1221)-150,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 APasco County - Pioneer Museum Road Intersection (Senate Form 2286)-4,988,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 APembroke Park Bicycle/Pedestrian Infrastructure Improvements (HB 3451) (Senate Form 1376)-195,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 APoinciana Parkway Extension (Senate Form 2779)-15,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ARidge Road Extension Phase 2B (HB 2311) (Senate Form 1268)-14,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ARoadway Reconstruction & Install Traffic Calming Devices - Miami (Senate Form 1561)-1,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ASR 27 Relievers Alignment Study (HB 2461) (Senate Form 1879)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ASR A1A Drainage Repairs - Highland Beach (HB 3353) (Senate Form 2326)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ASW Lincoln Street Roadway and Drainage Reconstruction (HB 2427) (Senate Form 1656)-550,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ASouth Flagler Drive Resurfacing and Bike Lane Project (HB 2917) (Senate Form 1198)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ASt. Armands Circle Streetscape Improvements (HB 2579) (Senate Form 2245)-700,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ATampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority Operations (HB 3189) (Senate Form 2235)-375,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ATampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority TD Tampa Bay (Senate Form 2782)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 ATown of Redington Beach Road Resurfacing Project (HB 4381) (Senate Form 1483)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AUS 90 Intersection Improvements at Jericho Road (HB 4605) (Senate Form 2729)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50011988 AWest Park Neighborhood Traffic Calming Plan Phase 1 (HB 3687) (Senate Form 1899)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 50012107 ASpecial Categories - Pensacola Humane Society Help Team-60,000.00
2022-156HB 50012141 ASpecial Categories - Medical Gas Education Outreach Training Program-258,300.00
2022-156HB 50012153 ASpecial Categories - In-State Tourism Marketing Campaign-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012204 AFixed Capital Outlay - Facilities Repairs And Maintenance-1,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012245 AFCDI - Workforce Education (HB 4831) (Senate Form 1388)-50,000.00
2022-156HB 50012245 APlumbing Skills Program (HB 2653) (Senate Form 1993)-130,000.00
2022-156HB 50012251 AMartin County REACH Center (HB 2977) (Senate Form 2066)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012281K-9 Behavioral Enrichment & Training To Enhance Rehoming - K-9 BETTER - Miami-Dade (Senate Form 2426)-100,000.00
2022-156HB 50012281Miami River Commission (HB 2475) (Senate Form 1255)-150,000.00
2022-156HB 50012281OCEARCH Mayport Research and Operations Center (Senate Form 2747)-2,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012281Rales Rides - Senior Transportation Program (HB 3767) (Senate Form 1919)-212,000.00
2022-156HB 50012281San Antonio City Hall & Fire Station Hardening (Senate Form 2640)-60,000.00
2022-156HB 50012281St. Lucie County Harbour Pointe District (HB 2035) (Senate Form 1070)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 ACentral Florida Smart City Centers (HB 3519) (Senate Form 2708)-4,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 ACity of Sanford Parking Facility (HB 9221) (Senate Form 2660)-1,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 ACoral Springs - Public Safety/Public Works Building Hardening Project (HB 3543) (Senate Form 1396)-800,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AGWC Woman's Club Restoration (HB 2411) (Senate Form 1176)-350,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AHernando County Central Fueling Facility (HB 9213) (Senate Form 1186)-980,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AHolmes County Public Safety Facility (Senate Form 2573)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AIDignity Statewide Operational Headquarters - Orlando (Senate Form 2630)-1,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AK-9 Behavioral Enrichment & Training To Enhance Rehoming - K-9 BETTER - Miami-Dade (Senate Form 2426)-150,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 ALake Conine Recreation Elements (HB 2993) (Senate Form 1455)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 ALincoln Park Community and Vocational Center (HB 2543) (Senate Form 1707)-152,600.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AMcIntosh Town Hall (HB 2319) (Senate Form 1174)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AMilton Community Center Expansion Project (HB 4599) (Senate Form 2617)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AOCEARCH Mayport Research and Operations Center (Senate Form 2747)-4,500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 ARoyal Palm Beach - Commons Park Corporate Picnic Pavilions (HB 2435) (Senate Form 2274)-450,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 ASports Training and Youth Tournament Complex (Senate Form 2754)-35,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 ATown of Hilliard - Community Center/Hurricane Shelter Project (HB 3025) (Senate Form 1943)-5,144,800.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AVeteran Memorial Park Maintenance and Repair - Pensacola (Senate Form 2675)-355,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AVeterans Park Land Development (HB 9425) (Senate Form 2040)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 50012286 AVictory Village Rehabilitation Project (HB 2451) (Senate Form 1619)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50012297 AFlorida Trade Assistance Center Export Database (HB 9045) (Senate Form 1505)-250,000.00
2022-156HB 50012425 AClermont Fire Station 101 Generator Replacement (HB 2215)(Senate Form 2472)-271,000.00
2022-156HB 50012425 AClermont Fire Station 103 Generator Enclosure (HB 2217)(Senate Form 2474)-17,982.00
2022-156HB 50012425 ALealman Special Fire Control District Ladder Truck (HB 3107) (Senate Form 1789)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 AClermont Fire Station 102 Rebuild (HB 2213)(Senate Form 2547)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 AGreenacres Fire Station Headquarters Renovation (HB 2309)(Senate Form 1202)-150,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 AHighland Beach Fire Rescue Resiliency and Safety Enhanced EOC Firehouse (HB 3347) (Senate Form 2140)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 ALongwood Fire Station Construction (HB 2225) (Senate Form 1172)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 AMount Dora Fire Station 34/Emergency Operations Center (HB 2499)(Senate Form 1731)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 AOcean City - Wright Fire Control District Fire Station and Training Ground (HB 3643) (Senate Form 2539)-900,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 AOrange City Emergency Response Fire Station (HB 4225) (Senate Form 2180)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 APalm Bay Fire and Rescue Station No. 7 (HB 2821) (Senate Form 1678)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 APalm Beach Historic North Fire Station Renovation (HB 3365) (Senate Form 1007)-875,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 APalm Harbor Fire Station 68 (HB 2963)(Senate Form 2001)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 ASt. Augustine Fire Station 2 Design (HB 4967)(Senate Form 2412)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 ASt. Pete Beach Fire Station 22 (HB 3393)(Senate Form 1381)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012431 AWinter Park Fire Station 62 (HB 3735)(Senate Form 1958)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 50012645Bay Harbor Islands Emergency Generator Backup (HB 2003) (Senate Form 1608)-725,000.00
2022-156HB 50012645City of Boca Raton City Hall and Municipal Complex Emergency Generators (HB 3369) (Senate Form 1093)-1,100,000.00
2022-156HB 50012645Golden Beach Landfall Bunker (HB 4449) (Senate Form 1030)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50012645Palm Springs Public Safety Building / EOC Hardening (HB 2219) (Senate Form 1152)-630,022.00
2022-156HB 50012645Village of North Palm Beach Emergency Operations Center Emergency Generator (HB 3171) (Senate Form 2267)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 50012645Village of Virginia Gardens - City Hall ADA Upgrades and Emergency Shelter (HB 2843) (Senate Form 1072)-600,000.00
2022-156HB 50012799 BSalaries And Benefits-17.00-2,004,428.00
2022-156HB 50012799 CExpenses-2,482,360.00
2022-156HB 50012799 DSpecial Categories - Transfer To The Operating Trust Fund-5,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012799 ESpecial Categories - Contracted Services-582,000.00
2022-156HB 50012799 FSpecial Categories - Special Categories - Aircraft Maintenance And Repairs-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50012799 GSpecial Categories - Aircraft Acquisition-20,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50012799 HSpecial Categories - Transfer To Department Of Management Services - Human Resources Services Purchased Per Statewide Contract-5,186.00
2022-156HB 50012944 CSpecial Categories - Cyberresilience, Security Leadership, And Disaster Recovery-600,000.00
2022-156HB 50012944 DSpecial Categories - Longwood Server Infrastructure Replacement-495,000.00
2022-156HB 50013162Palm Beach County Oral History Project (HB 3331) (Senate Form 2788)-47,400.00
2022-156HB 50013162West Florida Historic Preservation - Site Preservation and Operations (HB 4603) (Senate Form 2042)-750,000.00
2022-156HB 50013165 ACity of Lake Helen - Historic City Hall Roof and Window Replacement (HB 3995) (Senate Form 1085)-180,000.00
2022-156HB 50013165 AExterior Restoration of the Historic Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center - Phase 1 (HB 4581) (Senate Form 1904)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50013165 AGroveland Historic Train Station (HB 3195) (Senate Form 1725)-236,641.00
2022-156HB 50013165 AHistoric Peck Center Repairs Phase 2 (HB 3139) (Senate Form 1869)-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50013165 AMaitland Art Center Structural Rehabilitation (HB 3647) (Senate Form 2075)-200,000.00
2022-156HB 50013165 AWoman's Club Stabilization and Restoration - Phase 2 - New Smyrna Beach (Senate Form 1087)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50013183Records and Preservation Services-1,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50013193Museum of Science and History of Jacksonville - Early Learning Initiative (HB 4981) (Senate Form 2633)-103,436.00
2022-156HB 50013193Vero Beach Art Club Art Education for Adolescents and Veterans (Senate Form 2381)-35,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200Daytona Beach Veterans Museum and Education Center (Senate Form 2283)-126,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200Fort King Museum, Education, and Tourism Center (HB 2247) (Senate Form 1684)-700,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200Military History Museum Building Expansion - Osceola (Senate Form 2465)-675,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200Museum of Science and History of Jacksonville - Early Learning Initiative (HB 4981) (Senate Form 2633)-196,564.00
2022-156HB 50013200Nassau County Performing Arts Centre (HB 3027) (Senate Form 2032)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200Pasco County Cultural Arts (HB 9249) (Senate Form 2331)-2,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200Pioneer Florida Museum and Village Archives Center (HB 3011) (Senate Form 1736)-300,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200Polk County History Center Chiller and Air Handler Replacement (HB 2513) (Senate Form 1631)-1,250,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200Ruth Eckerd Hall: Safety, Health & Energy Improvements (HB 2357) (Senate Form 1099)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200The Nygren Buggy Collection (HB 2131) (Senate Form 1064)-25,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200West Park Cultural Facilities Development (HB 4187) (Senate Form 1900)-400,000.00
2022-156HB 50013200tag! Children's Museum (HB 4911) (Senate Form 2084)-500,000.00
2022-156HB 50013227 AFixed Capital Outlay - Bernie Mccabe Second District Court Of Appeal New Courthouse Construction - Dms Mgd-15,000,000.00
2022-156HB 50013227 BFixed Capital Outlay - Sixth District Court Of Appeal New Courthouse Construction - Dms Mgd-50,000,000.00
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